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What is Technology-Enabled Therapy (TET)?

TET describes a variety of practice support tools that you can use to enhance and streamline your clinical work. It includes: online assessments that are automatically scored and tracked for you; digital psychoeducational workbooks that you can assign to clients; habit tracking that you can monitor to provide your clients with accountability; and secure communication tools to connect safely with your patients.

Do I have to do online therapy to use TET?

Not at all. How you connect with your clients is completely up to you. Some therapists use Practicalm’s tools as an adjunct to face-to-face therapy. Research is beginning to show that this approach can help increase client engagement and satisfaction with treatment and reduce dropouts. It also saves therapists from photocopying worksheets or ordering questionnaires. Everything is neatly scored and stored with no need to purchase more filing cabinets!

I want to expand my practice to offer online therapy. Can Practicalm help?

Absolutely!! Practicalm has everything you need to communicate safely and securely with your clients. All communication is encrypted and HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant (check with us if your organization needs confirmation that Practicalm meets state or provincial regulations, such as PIPA in BC or PHIPA in Ontario). We can also assist with your organization’s Privacy Impact Assessment. You can focus on building your online practice, knowing that you are protecting your clients’ privacy.

I hate learning new software. Is this going to be worth the effort?

Absolutely. We have carefully designed the entire suite of services so that they are intuitive and easy to learn. You can impress your clients with your tech savvy - and the time you save will more than make up for the time it takes to learn the system in the beginning. If you get stuck, we have a support team waiting to help as well as online tutorials and help pages.

Is TET therapy effective?

There is a growing body of research showing that TET increases client engagement, reduces dropouts, and prevents therapist drift. Blended care, or using these tools as an adjunct in face to face care, is showing promise in improving therapy outcomes. For distance therapy, online treatment has been found to be as effective as face to face care. Practicalm will also provide you with the continuing education you need to make sure that you are practicing effectively online.

What credentials do I need to use Practicalm Therapy?

You must be registered to practice in your State or Province as a licensed therapist. When you sign up, we will ask for your registration number so that we can verify your credentials. We will also ask you to upload a picture of your highest academic degree in a counselling field.

Will all my clients be able to use Practicalm?

Your clients will need a secure Internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer to login. We do not recommend clients (or their therapists) use public wifi or shared, public computers to connect to Practicalm. If a patient has the technical ability to use Practicalm, then it is up to you whether you whether they are appropriate for TET. For example, a small private clinic might choose not to offer TET to clients at high risk of suicide. However, you might be comfortable using TET with higher risk clients if you are working at a hospital with the support of an emergency department.

Will my clients expect me to offer support 24 hours a day if I give them these online tools?

You need to unplug! As part of your onboarding process, let your clients know when and how often you will be available to them. Many therapists who work online let their clients know that they will respond to them once a week on a particular day. The client can work and send messages, without the expectation that the therapist will respond right away.

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