An Easier Way To Provide Better Care

Technology-Enabled psychoTherapy helps you work smarter - not harder


What is Technology-Enabled Therapy?

Technology-Enabled Therapy improves outcomes, lowers dropouts and reduces therapist workload



View and manage all your client profiles from the client summary list or detailed profile view. Sort your clients, add a new client, track their progress, assessments, and manage their program all in one place.



Online assessments allow you to track client symptoms and progress - without the busywork of ordering new forms, photocopying or hand scoring. Regular assessment improves outcomes by allowing clinicians to target specific symptoms or change course in therapy if there is no progress.


Digital Psychoeducational workbooks

Digital psychoeducational workbooks keep your clients on track between sessions. Well designed, accessible and best practice! Our workbooks are easy to read and understand on a computer screen or if concentration is affected by anxiety or depression. No more searching for worksheets or sending your clients to the bookstore to pick up recommended reading.


Secure communication tools

Secure HIPAA-compliant communication tools allow you to connect safely with your client. Whether you are communicating between sessions or providing online therapy, your conversations, video sessions, text messages and emails are safe!

Who can use Practicalm?

Any clients comfortable connecting via smartphone, tablet or computer. Practicalm also provides clinicians with the training they need to feel comfortable integrating technology into their practice. Earn continuing education credits while you learn how about the ethics and safe use of technology in clinical practice - all included in the Practicalm Therapist portal.

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SOLO practitioners

If you are a psychotherapist registered with a regulatory body in your State or Province, you are eligible to use Practicalm with your clients.


group practices & clinics

Clinics offering face to face or distance therapy are able to sign up for a group practice subscription. All therapists using the platform must be registered to practice in their State or Province. Contact us if you are interested in custom branding for your clinic.

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Clinical researchers

Practicalm allows researchers to collect the data they need to for therapy outcome research. Focus on your research, not building an app or platform. Practicalm can provide continued support for your custom app or program after your study.Please contact us for academic pricing.

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clinical content experts

Digitize your self-help book or clinical protocol. You own your own content. You have complete control over how your app and platform is used. Please contact us for pricing for white-label and custom platform development.